Hotel Juli

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to our newly refreshed Hotel Juli.
With you, our guest, in mind, we did a few minor, but noticeable improvements to our overall appearance and service.

With refurbished and fresher common areas, a brand new lobby and elevator, improved and healthier breakfast options, and an impeccable Wi-Fi connection all across the hotel, we wanted to emphasize that we truly care about your pleasant experience in our hotel.

When we first built our hotel from scratch, back in 2003, we wanted to achieve fresh and clean lines, a modern vision for the young adventurous mind.

With more than 20 000 guests served in more than a decade, we pride ourselves with keeping up with our original promise to you - which is to offer an impeccable service at a great value for the money.

Hotel Juli stands out with its youthful charm and hospitality. That combined with its superb location at the top centre of the resort, just 50 metres away from the beach, make it one of the most enticing venues in Sunny Beach.